A guide through the matrix with Morfius

How long have you been doing what you do?

I’ve been engineering for about 10 years now
Who have you worked with so far? i know there is many so maybe just name a few……..
Wiley, Flow Dan,Fekky, Frisco, Big Cakes, English Frank, D  Double E,Riko Dan, P Money,Tempa T,Stush, LadyChannWhat programs do you use to get that polished sound your known to make?

I use Adobe Audition and have done from day one when it was cool edit pro, but the sound is more to do with me and my
configuration (mic/pre-amp/fx etc)What words of wisdom can you pass on to up and coming producers and engineers?

spend time on your craft daily, and do your best to get it right at the source, if that kick drum sounds crap, change it, don’t make do or assume me or someone else can fix it later, same for vocals, just make sure your recording sounds as good as it can before committing to recording itHow do you feel being the person behind a lot of the ‘UK Urban’ scene making the music we hear right now?

It’s an honour for me to have recorded and produced so much great music that has contributed so much to our scene.
I enjoy being a part of the creative process and seeing an artist grow, be it that they’re independent or signed to a major label.What would you say your greatest achievement is so far?

Having recorded 5 top 10 songs including a No.1 and helping Wiley win a MOBO last year
What kind of artist do you like to work with?
I prefer artists who know their voice and their lyrics, it just makes the process so much smoother, so both me and the artist can just focus on the creativityHow did your name come about?

The name Morfius is a play on the words More For Us, it’s about me playing my role in the uk scene, I am a vocal engineer because I didn’t like the sound of what I was hearing from a lot of uk artists, and I thought I could do a better job, so I did.
Morfius is also the Greek God of Dreams, so the way I see it is I help artists bring their dreams to lifeWhats your thoughts on the current state of hip hop today?

Hip Hop today is not what it used to be… but it’s not meant to be in my eyes, nothing stays the same forever,
Our views, values, likes and dislikes change all the time, same for hip hop. In my eyes the 90’s was the greatest time, but it also laid the path for what we have today.What would you say that you as a member of this hip hop society bring to the table?

For a lot of Uk Hip Hop I like to feel I bring clarity to the table, when I decided to be an engineer it was becausei couldn’t fully appreciate what a lot of artists were saying becausei couldn’t hear them. I also see it as my job to bring out the best in artist, when they’re in the studio unlike some engineers who just sit there at hit a record button.What can we expect next from you?

I will be doing a follow-up to the Use What We Got (UWWG) EP in the near future featuring more Uk Hip Hop artists.
You can download the first installment here: http://www.mediafire.com/?snhuho3tcrnmarjIs there any thing else you would like to say or shout any one out?

Thank you   
Morfius can be contacted via:

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