A Few Words From Our Chairman.

Could you explain why you have called your self the name that you have?
How long have you been doing what you do?
About ten years now…
I have to say i am certainly a fan. For the people reading could you go into what you have done and achieved so far?
I’ve been making beats for various people on the UK scene for the last ten years… I have also built up a pretty solid following on sound cloud … I’ve worked with Dirty Dike, Inja, Skuff, Skillit, Big Cakes, Cyclonious, Kingpin and loads more mc’s ….
How do you prepare your self before you start to produce?
I usually eat 5 kilo’s of raw meat (preferably horse) and then watch 24 hours of back to back episodes of Rastamouse to get me in the mood!
What is your most important tool in making your beats?
Pretty much my only tool is my MPC… my brain is my tool man!
Do you dig in the crates?
Yeah but lack of money makes it pretty much impossible to be honest… charity shops and internet these days..
You have a very distinct sound which is a very authentic, is that something you plan or does it come naturally?
Yeah i plan it… just avoid using computers because the make everything sound a bit more lightweight to me..
Are you particular in who you work with, if so what do you look for?
Yes definitely… as a producer i have to take their voice into consideration.. you can have the sickest bars on the planet but if you sound like Mr Bean then it’s a  no no
Whats your thoughts on the current state of hip hop today?
UK hip hop is looking real healthy… pretty much thanks to high focus.. things are looking good..
What would you say that you as a member of this hip hop society bring to the table?
I think I’m one of the few beatmakers that you can listen to without an mc and like the tunes just as much..
Currently you have a release with Cyclonious called ‘Hostile Leadership’ how did that venture come about?
We’ve worked together loads but it was his idea to do a full joint project.. he’s just a great mc and a down to earth man.. i don’t really work with the arrogant twats anymore.. and Cyclonious always comes correct with the artwork videos etc.. check his ‘So Amazing’ tune… classic
Who titled the album?
What does the album mean to you?
Loads of the beats are from my 1976 album so its nice for me to hear someone interpret them and do a good job on it..

My personal favourite on the cd is ‘Smoke And Mirrors’. The lyrics and production compliment each other so well. What is your personal favourite song on there?
I would say ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ too… i think that’s gonna be the next one to drop so look out for a video for that..
Is there going to be a sequel?
Dunno man just focussing on here and now to be honest..
You also have a release out now called ‘1976’ what does the title mean?
ahhhh that’s a bit of a private one man… i could tell you … but then i’d have to kill you..
The music on there is vintage and just what the game needs, any favourites on there?
Thanks man… to be honest i didn’t like it that much when it came out but it’s really grown on me… actually pretty proud of it now.. people are still discovering it everyday and it’s still selling so i’m happy
How does it feel to be independent? is there an advantage?
Yeah i can do whatever i like with regards to sound the way i present myself… not that i have much choice.. no major labels gonna be signing me anytime soon unless i give in and start making trap music or something like that
What can we expect next from you?
Hopefully got a new instrumental album coming out at the end of this year on Brain Food records.. new stuff with Kingpin, Dirty Dike, Skuff amongst others

Is there any thing else you would like to say or shout any one out?
 Its my birthday… buy my album here: http://chairmanmaf.bandcamp.com/album/1976 and you’ll make me a happy man



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