The Eye Of The Storm – Cyclonious Interview

Peace! Please explain your name, and how did you get it?

My name is elemental. A natural force that is immense. I was named it but i coined the phrase that I just gave you.

What are you currently working on right now?

I am working on my new album called ‘The Revival’, ‘The Warrior And Black Smith Part 2’ and ‘Heroes For hire Trilogy’

You have a A.K.A which is The Natural Disaster. What does it mean to you and where does it come from?

A natural Disaster destroys and rebuilds. I gave my self that title

What do you think makes a complete rapper/emcee?

I don’t think there is ever a complete emcee because opinions vary. It comes down to what you gravitate too. I tend to like creative writing and witty metaphors. A catchy flow and lyricism. It’s all about being able to adapt to all kinds of concepts too.

Explain the meaning behind the title ‘Hostile Leadership’

Right now in this day and time we are living in a hostile leadership. Look at all the super powers invading other countries against their will. False claims of nuclear weapons etc. The scramble for Africa that took place and is still torn apart by the other nations in this globes rule. The false claims of terrorism by people who don’t have the technology to put together such a plan and execute it. In this so-called rap game that the many watch or what to be apart of. Being an artist and not a fan, you can see what kind of people are behind the brand that they push. The majority’s brand is literally just a brand, a mask. ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ is a song of ‘Hostile Leadership’ that was created to explain these things.

You and Chairman Maf’s chemistry within the musical spectrum is phenomenal, can we expect more from you guys?

We both have a lot on. We both have our own missions to complete as individuals. I think when the time is right we will.

What kind of artists and producers do you like to work with?

I like creative people. creativity comes first for me then the money. If it is the other way round i will be able to  hear and feel it in whatever you bring to the table. In other words higher craftsmanship!

As an artist do you feel that dj’s and mediums out there are representing the culture correctly?

Me personally I don’t. These top end stations, blogs, Sites and channels have a list of who has to be played. So it wont come down to good music, it comes down to planned agenda’s. We all know if it came down to skills and good music half of what you see would not exist.

What is the pro’s and con’s of being independent?

The pro’s are you can do what you want, how you want, when you want. The con’s are its you on your own. It can be a struggle but i like it this way.  I dont have no one in my ears telling me you can say this or can have that front cover. The fan base i do have is genuine and not made up numbers or bought hits on YouTube etc.

What would you say that you as a member of this hip hop society bring to the table?

I bring timeless music. I bring thought-provoking subjects. I bring strength to the weak. I bring lyricism. I bring stories. I bring good vibes.

What can we expect next from you?

Next up, ‘The Revival’

Is there any thing else you would like to say or shout any one out?

Big up all supporters that have been down from day one and all the new ones that have just come.

You can catch up with Cyclonious via:


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