The voice that carries – Mad Preacher Interview

How did your name come about?
The name kinda came about around 2004 as a lot of heads thought I was actually mad because I would be explaining serious shit on a whole another level
How long have you been doing what you do?
A long time i first started out back in 93 moving in an out of different music genres so on whole a good 20 years 
What fuels your mindset?
Life its self the and the magic that it continues on daily basis.
What is your mindset on the current state of hip hop?
Raaaaahtid how long ya got.. hahah
The way i see it right now it lacks lyrical content at the moment straight – a lot of these emcees ain’t really emcees dem just rhyme words with ABC mentality..Yet what piss me off more is that there is truly gifted emcees out here yet artists go on like they don’t exist, dis music is about oneness not about selfish clickie individuals who need there egos massaged coz dem too insecure. Then there is the radio a lot of the people who pull the strings or have the necessary resources to promote don’t push the talented artists yet rather block them out completely like them don’t exists.. So the current state of Hip Hop the world over it  seems make the talent seem like it don’t exists.
What do you feel you bring to the hip hop spectum?
I bring Earth Fire Wind Water Wood Metal Silver Gold  to table  i will always bring these elements to the table as i make music  through life’s lessons of Universal law
Who produces for you?
Aslan aka Black Magician  you can check more of his works here
‘Celestial Kings’ is your current release. Tell us why this cd is essential to our music collection?
Da ting  Mad essential to our music collection as i see it as your stolen legacy which needs to be told to bring you back to your original mind state of universal oneness..and bring back balance so you can awaken out of his ignorant slave mentality..
How did ‘Spoken Word’ come about?
Its started out as just ramblings in my head in first back in 2000 loads of little paragraphs in a pad while in HMP Wood Hill as i was starting to wake up both spiritually and mentally,  then was written out as verse some 7 years later when i decided to make music for the generation of today and tomorrow.

What is your favourite song on there?

Spoken Word Remix / Signz I still trying to decide hahaha I’m a Libra allow me
What is your greatest achievement within the music realm so far?
I would have to say it was working with Aslan and working with him on such projects as Hornz of Jericho and Def b4 Dishonor
How does it feel to be independent? is there an advantage?
It feels good man because i get to see everything and be hands on all way down to the sales..No one tell you that you have to do this like labels before ya know it you’re not make your music you aint making money dem kick ya off the label and no one wants to know.. so I say live hand to mouth and hit the streets get ya merchandise up and go hard
What can we expect next from you?
Im on  Hornz of Jericho Album which is dropping very soon with Aslan  / Def b4 Dishonor Chapters 1-2 our out now with Dreaded Monk and Iron Pen with more chapters to follow on that.
 I will also be dropping Celestial Kingz pt 2 not gonna give too much away coz that will spoil it  trust.. then i will probably combine Pt 1-2 and do 12inch Vinyl for all the true Hip Hop heads.
Is there any else you would like to say, or any one else you would like to shout out?
Give tanks 4 life first an foremost – shouts out to the source that govern all things. shout to my wife and daughter.. 
1 love to all my Hornz of Jericho Family 
Shout to da General Aslan /Red Lion / Cyclonious /Omen Ra / Secret Swords/

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