Tha 4orce – When he comes, he brings the force!

How long have you been doing what you do?
I had my first release in 1989 on Ronin Records called Being Played which then lead to my 2nd single Power in 1990 which is around the time I met K.Zee and we formed our group F.O.R.C.E. n K.Zee.

Who have you worked with so far? I know there is many so maybe just name a few……..

Too many names to mention, I’m a trained engineer so with that being said I’ve worked with so many artists,
Amy Winehouse, Ms Dynamite, Roy Ayers, Wan-Cee, Cyclonious,

How did you land a role on the Friday night show ‘Da Ali G Show’ on Channel4?

Sasha was a fan of a group I was in called Nash, in 1999-2001, I was the producer and DJ of the group it was a 6 piece band, which allowed me abel to use live instrumentation just how I make sampled based music, he used to come to a lot of our early gigs with a mutual friend called Jason Alper who was his stylist, originally I was supposed to just play music in between his interviews on the show, but the producer had an idea of me being a Jamaican who always put him down, my heritage is Jamaican from my father’s side, so it worked out dope and became a part of each show, was a lot of fun to do.

Explain what ‘Mind The Gap’ means?

Mind tha gap is a name ive rolled with since young, I’m know for my Gap teeth, my father had the same gap, so that’s one reference, but then the whole UK Underground is Mind The Gap so it also states where im from, London and an Underground Artist, also the fact i use my mind to make music instead of dumbing down to reach the masses, it is important to me so therefore Mind Tha Gap has been what i represent since the beginning.

You defiantly keep your self busy you was once a Dj on Itch fm, do you still do your own shows?

yeah I have a monthly Show on which plays nothing but the realist and illest BRAND NEW hip hop from that month US/Uk/Worldwide Hip Hop, I do the show in conjunction with People Under Pressure Music a blog dedicated to Dope brand new Hip Hop, none of this wak bollox trap down south sounding wakness, which other so-called Hip Hop DJs play, well it’s either that or 90’s Hip Hop, so we are dedicated to the REAL SHIT
What programs do you use to get that polished sound your known to make?
I’m MPC based always have been since 1989, ive had every MPC to date, right now I still use my 2000 and 2000xl and the new MPC renaissance,
I don’t make music on computers, I’m a hands on producer. like i said im an engineer by trade so, I can use Logic, Cubase, Pro tools, nothing to flashy just the basic stuff, im a strong believer that you can make music on any piece of equipment  if you have the skill set, I made an album on a Dr.Sample Sp-303 once called ‘Trips on A 303’ and that was the only thing I used, it sounds ike stuff id do on my MPC, so its whats in you brain, and how you convey your ideas

What are you currently working on right now?

Im working on two albums that will be coming out next year, the first is a project on King Of The Beats Records called ‘Setting Standards’ focusing on me as a producer, with my favorite U.K Artists on it, Dubbledge, Jae Mann, Cyclonious, Ray Vendetta, Iron Braydz, Teslas Ghost, just to name a few.
Then I have another that’s focusing on me as a MC which has various producers on it, Micall Parknsun, Ray West from the Bronx, Chairman Maf, D’Lux Beats, Apatight, Cycloniuos, thats coming hopfully on BBE Records as a follow-up to my Beat Generation Album ‘Mind Tha Gap Anthems V2 from 2006

What do you enjoy the most, rapping or producing?

I love everything equally, music makes me happy, so as long as im being creative that’s all that matters

What would you say your greatest achievement is so far?

touring with artists like Public Enemy, Gang Starr, Salt n Pepa just to name a few in the 90’s are some of my best musical memorizes, that’s the first thing that came in my head

What kind of artist do you like to work with?

heartfelt, creative people, that put their craft before trying to get paid, I am definitely not a paper chaser, im a passionate artist and im happy being that way

How did your name come about?

I’ve had FORCE since a kid, started as a graff tagger writing it on walls and busses in my area growing up, then when I met Ronin, it was an evolution, I became F.O.R.C.E (Funky One Ruff Completely Everytime) then Da Force then Tha 4orce and thats the way it’s stayed since the 90’s

Whats your thoughts on the current state of hip hop today?

too many artists are not schooled properly on the rules of this shit, it’s a way of life, I don’t want to get to deep into that, just know what we play on the radio show is a perfect representation of what I think is DOPE, if you aint on the Show, the Hip Hop or music you make in my eyes is GARBAGE, end of, too many paper chasers make music to make money and not enough artists making art.

What would you say that you as a member of this hip hop society bring to the table?

Professionalism, Setting Standards, trying to inspire the next generation on what Hip Hop is really about because a lot of the youths are confused out here, money has really messed with the future talent im just trying to bring a balance back

What can we expect next from you?

more radio shows, a tour next near, many various projects M.Cing and productions with various artists, onwards and upwards, only the most high knows

Is there any thing else you would like to say or shout any one out?

Pritt Kalsi, Big Aya, aka Iam Owner, Ray West, Poynt Blak, Brand New, Micall Parknsun, Triple darkenss, Cappo, Gee Bag, Dubblegde, Arise King David, everyone that connects with Mind Tha Gap and knows what the real deal is 😉



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