The Chairman Maf – Paint


Ok, so im not one for a whole album of just beats, to me that feels like a producer has sent me a bag of beats to pick from. I don’t think I have ever paid attention to products like that. I like to hear word play over a nice beat. On this occasion I found my self being taken on a journey which did not need to be entertained vocally. There is so much going on throughout Chairman Maf’s production, The choice of samples he puts together is classic along with the perfect beat pattern. Even the use of the special effects now and then on his beats remind me of classic sega genesis games I grew up playing. His music alone tells its own story. He is surely a craftsman in his own right. Most of my musical listening is in my car on my journeys and it hasn’t come out of the chamber yet! I did find my self gravitating to a few over others, pressing the rewind button a few times on beats like ‘Never’, ‘Thunder’ and ‘Sundown’. I rank this compilation highly amongst the many music I receive to review. For authentic Hip Hop listeners this one is for your collection, it is a definite for artist who write and need inspiration to write that hot song or sixteen!

The Chairman Maf’s NEW ALBUM “PAINT” COMING 13th DECEMBER 2014!!!!

Chairman maf


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