Cassidy vs Dizaster (Ether)

Ok, so Cassidy is back in the verbal ring again! Is that something your interested in? For me, Yes! Not taking nothing away from the battler’s nowadays that do their thing but Cass has always been nice with the punch lines and will no doubt bring more exposure to the culture. Diz is a great battle rapper but I don’t think this was the correct opponent for Cass. Cass has gone at it on wax with battler’s such as Arsonal and Meek Mill. Goods has also talked about battling Cass before, so any of those names to me should have been on the card and would have made a better showdown!

Any way let’s get on with the event. With all the money supposed to be paid to the battler’s it was a terrible put on event. Should of not called this event Ether, far from it! The mic levels was poor and to be honest both artist didn’t get busy like we all would have hoped. There was a part when Cass forgot his Verse and tried to play it off like it was part of the plan. I don’t think it was planned, but hey, moving on. Diz kept on speaking now and again through Cass’s 1st round but complained when Cass did the same. They both got booed which the crowd was right for. There was a part when Diz got booed by some dudes at the front when he was in full swing in his first round. Diz instantly associated it with them being in Cass’s entourage. This started more bickering between the two emcee’s. Another strike to the poorly put together event. I was totally unimpressed. This event sharply came to an end because of some power failure or something like that which ended the evening

They decided to do a rematch the next day in a smaller room which looked like a garage, i had no problem with that. Respect to them all in doing that for the fans that wanted to see it not like the Keith Murray vs Fredo Starr battle that didn’t happen. Both artist was more ready, settled and prepared for the show down. They even was allowed to go over the time limits now and again which i like, let them let it off. But out of the two Cassidy Stole the show to me in each round (which was 3). His punches hit much harder and was more memorable each time. I loved the bar when he mentioned flying Maff Hoffa out to knock out Diz. Cass also mimicked his flow to use against Diz which was pretty good too. Any way i wont go into too much as it’s all opinion based. My opinion is that Cass won the match. Battle rap is making a lot of great things happen for the hip hop culture. leave your thoughts down below.



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