GlobalFaction – The Revolution Will Be Televised

When it comes to ‘UK Hip Hop’ GlobalFaction should always be brought up. GlobalFaction is an innovative digital media production/broadcasting house. They are a growing group of creatives who focus on working with socially/politically conscious musicians/artists to produce an experience that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, Ideas and the stimulation of thought into action.

Over the past few years GlobalFaction has brought back what has truly been missing from the culture, real organic, raw, all colours of the spectrum hip hop music. Their spot light shines brightly on all artist that enter their realms. What I love about this channel is that the content of the vast majority of the music is uplifting, knowledgeable, creative, intelligent and most of all entertaining. I personally have no problem with many of the other forms of Rap/Hip Hop/Trap or whatever other slashes I can put next. I believe in balance and the negative sides of the culture are being pushed, backed and controlled by the corporate media. To me GlobalFaction are for the people, and they represent the people in an excellent manner. The videos that GlobalFaction produce for our visual pleasure are very impressive and make our musical journey sometimes even better than what is classed mainstream.

Please take the time out of your busy schedule to check out this group of talented people who represent our culture, you will not be disappointed!!!

Here are just a few to tickle your fancy


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