The Hip Hop Channel’s Top Ten

Ok folks, so were back with this months Top Ten! This is how it works. You the public have to vote by tweeting or emailing the site what song you feel should be at number one. This is monitored and calculated weekly, depending on the song and how may votes it gets determines its out come in ranking! The video at the top of the screen is number one the last video is number ten.

If you know a new song that you feel should be in this list then hit us up and let us know about it.

At number one its Cyclonious & Chairman Maf featuring Pheonix Daice Fire & Apex Zero, track entitled Together!!! With whats going on now in the US this is fitting for the struggle.


In second place, Tripple Darkness with Sword Dust


In third place we have Cyrus Malachi – Pariah


In fourth place standing firm we have Mad Preacher, track entitled Celestial Revelations!! Banger


In fifth place, Jman In third place with One Likkle Yout


Sixth Place, Black Josh, Eczema


Seventh place we have the king of the beats, Tha 4orce track entitled Good guys never win


In Eighth place Taku Mazire – Speed Of Life


In ninth place, AKD & Deepstar – Familiar Names


Tenth place, AKD & Deepstar ft. AG – No Mercy








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