Magical Metaphors


Been watching a lot of battle raps lately as I find I am wanting more from hip hop than a phat beat and repetitive word play. Lyricism always does it for me. I love the fact that this part of hip hop is a major focus right now. We are slowly moving back to realness. You can’t be a rapper if you can’t spit some hot shit, well that’s my opinion. Theres a few rappers in battle rap that I highly respect like Charlie Clips, D.N.A, Arsonal, Lux, Murda Mook and Math Hoffa (Theres many more but I will stop there lol) The guy that has got me watching one battle after another is ‘B.Magic’. Hailing from St. Louis he claims to be the best battle rapper ever, Do I agree? I don’t believe in any one being the best at any thing but I know for damn shure he is a beast with it. Most battler’s present their bars like poetry, dropping their vicious lines  like a theatrical play while B.Magic keeps that flow going like he is rapping on a beat and is still mean with it. He has risen up nicely in his rankings and has gone up against many of the major players. I would like to see him on more major cards and deliver major pain!




I also peeped his song he dropped called ‘Internet Thuggin’ which was released sometime in october. Those that said battle rappers can’t make good music take a listen and holla back and let me know your thoughts. Here’s his title track ‘Internet Thuggin’ video.



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