Two Turn Tables & A Mic

Whatever happened to the dj? Nah for real take a sec and think….. Dont worry I aint going anywhere, just think for a second. What happened to the guy that supported the emcee? (UK emcee’s im talking about). They have all abandoned us. I can only think of a handful that still rep the culture and put their own on. Those few that come to mind are Dj Shorty, Shay D (Itch fm) Dj Bones (Bang Radio) and Tha 4orce (Mind Tha Gap Radio) For the rest it just looks like a meal ticket to spin the wax and is no longer a craft.

For instance Westwood. There was a time when I used to listen to his show (in the 90’s) and would hear the new heat being dropped regularly over seas and over here. It was the number one hip hop show by far in london. slowly he started to show his colours to the point KRS1 kind of put him on blast on the air about his representation of the hip hop culture on air. He also started playing grime music and bringing them into his sets for interviews and freestyle’s…… huh, whatever.

There is 6 parts in all if you care to listen to the show. Any way moving on……

Dj Mk and Shorty blitz, they are kind of stuck in the US’s 90’s and are neglecting the current heat that has accumulated throughout the 2000’s within the UK. There is so many artist that they could be spinning on a regular that i do not hear them playing. Even artist I don’t personally feel are that great still don’t get a look in. I swear Dj Mk is Dizzie Rascals dj who is a grime emcee. (That is a major parr)

Dj 279 in my eyes was the dude at one point. Now i no longer see or hear him. Whats up with that? with our technology nowadays he could have his own show on youtube which would be all his. a guaranteed smash which will draw in thousands of hits due to his name and respect he has. come back 279!!!!! This is a good interview, big up dj numbers.

Dj Sloth, not feeling that show really. Its funny who is given the spot light to represent the culture and take it in whatever direction they feel too. The whole point of why i personally made this site was to highlight the authentic side of hip hop that was over looked in the scene. Sloth only puts on people who have a buzz and if you don’t well then skate buddy. He clearly states that in a vid he made for fire in the booth. In my eyes if your hot your hot. Numbers and followers don’t dictate the person’s skill it only highlights a following. (Who has played Lemmings? We all know what happens to those poor sod’s hahaha)

Whats your thoughts? I think UK should represent themselves before we rep any one else. holla back



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