Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) are working hard to push Scottish hip-hop as far as they can. They are an independent record label/publishing/collective for, and ran by Scottish emcees and producers. With over 30 music releases spanning over 6 years, S.O.S. have already left their mark on the hip-hop genre, and expanded their fan base throughout Scotland and beyond.

Aye Tunes is a compilation mixtape featuring tracks recorded at S.O.S’s studio. featuring a whole host of talented Scottish MC’s and producers.

Available now for free download at – http://hiphop.scot/


01. SOS Introduction – Deeko, Werd
Beat by: Scant Squad.

02. CUT-Scene – Werd, Butler, Wardie, Madhat, Deeko, Riddlah, Blasfima, Conscious Route, ODDacity
Beat by: DJ Animate

03. Cold Hearted – Jordan Butler, Werd, Wardie Burns, Deeko
Beat by: David Ross

04. No Fux Given – Werd, Deeko, Wardie Burns, Loki, Jordan Butler, MOG
Beat by: UVBeatz

05. Own My Mind – Nity Gritz, Werd, Gard Feez, Snow
Beat by: Durty Barry Beats

06. Bomb Threat – Wardie Burns
Beat by: Know Dont

07. Like This For Ages – Don V, Werd, Lewis Findley, Blasfima, Bright Sparks
Beat by: Dale A Thomson

08. Gibberish Lyricists – Planet Jamie, Werd, SeaBass, Madhat McGore
Beat by: Kieran Wishart

09. Did Ye, Aye – Nity Gritz, Werd, Gard Feez, Deeko, Kid Robotic
Beat by: Durty Barry Beats

10. Future Pt.28 – Han CMC, Werd, Conscious Route, Freestyle Master
Beat by: Scant Squad

11. The Graff – ODDacity, Butler, Freestyle Master, Conscious Route, Wee D
Beat by: Sean Sc

12. Sativa Flow – Butler, MOG, Wardie Burns, Madhat, Werd, GBH, Conscious Route, Gupsie
Beat by: Sean El

13. Ruins – Werd, Lewis Findaly, Riddlah, Conscious Route, Jamie H
Beat by: Kieran Wishart

14. Not Afraid – Wee D, Deeko, Sebs, Werd
Beat by: C. Boyd

15. Thru Est Static – Han CMC, Don V, Werd, Misterman, Zee
Beat by: Kieran Wishart

16. Unsung Heroes – Riddlah, Werd
Beat by: C. Boyd

17. Ol’ Rappin’ Folk – Werd, Count 4DB, Deeko, Megaman, Madhat McGore
Beat by: Know Dont

18. Coffee Cold – Blasfima Sinna
Beat by: Kieran Wishart

19. The Other Sex – Wardie Burns, Werd, Madhat McGore, Conscious Route
Beat by: Sean Sc

20. The Over-Stand – Werd, Wardie Burns, Conscious Route, Sinna, Jordan Butler, Deeko
Beat by: DJ Animate

21. Wotsits – Righteous Fist, Werd, Tru Fatcz, ODDacity
Beat by: Scant Squad

22. Push On Peter Pan – Madhat McGore, Werd, Deezy
Beat by: Durty Barry Beats

23. It’s All Good – Han CMC, Werd, Freestyle Master, Chad The Lad
Beat by: Kieran Wishart

24. A Weiry Way – ODDacity, Conscious Route, Deeko, Werd, Blasfima Sinna, Jordan Butler
Beat by: Steg G

25. Passed Around – Jordan Butler, Conscious Route, Werd
Beat by: UVBeatz

26. Transatlantic – Count 4DB, Werd, Deeko
Beat by: McG Beats

27. Scant March – Han CMC, Conscious Route, Werd, Jordan Butler, ODDacity
Beat by: Scant Squad

28. Grime Report – Werd, Misterman, Han CMC
Beat by: Sea Bass.

29. Step – Jordan Butler, Werd, Deeko
Beat by: Know Dont

30. Outro (Withdrawal) – Deeko, Werd
Beat by: Righteous Fist

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