Enough Of The Bullshit!

Ok, im so late when coming to gossip and that stuff! I don’t do gossip! I just caught wind of some stuff Iggy Azalea said and Azealia Banks thoughts and feelings about Iggy on Hot 97 with hosts Ebro and Rosenberg. Lets get right into it, Iggy starts off on a song called D.R.U.G.S with artist called YG and you see here and hear her saying ” I’m a run away slave master”. You what? Really?

This woman has won awards such as the American Music Awards for favourite Rap/Hip Hop artist. There is many more click here to see them all http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Iggy_Azalea Hip is to know and hop is a movement. There is no knowledge movement within her movement at all. The funny thing is this isn’t any thing new when dealing with black music. It has often been studied stripped and mimicked also taken over.

Azailia Banks was on Hot 97 not long ago with host’s Ebro and Rosenberg. Before I give my thoughts on this meetings of the minds I must add that Rosenberg had a moment earlier on in the year (2014) dissing Chuck D (Public Enemy) which ended in him sending out an apology to Chuck. Here is the diss and the apology

Lol, did you hear Ebro? hahaha, what a nut sack!

I will go on the record to say Fuck Rosenberg! He said he seeks out revolutionary hip hop, I watch and listen to a lot of hip hop shows to keep up with whats new and whats hot and hot 97 does not promote and push that kind of music on their show. Think how many times you have seen 50 cent or T.I etc on the show this year. Now he mentioned Dead Prez in his same babble, when last have you seen them on the Hot 97 Ebro and Rosenberg show? He also mentions Immortal Technique too in that apology clip. He did have a meeting with Immortal but that was back stage at a rock the bells show, they never invited him over for a sit down and chop it up session. actions speak louder than words! Enough of the bullshit! Any way moving on to the main reason of this thought shared. I’m not a real fan of Azealia Banks music but that’s not  what I wanted to get into right now, it’s this interview

Banks is known for her uncensored views and opinions. She is also viewed as a mad black chick in some circles, stereotypes are a mother fucker lol but I am with her on what she has to say on a few things about the state of hip hop right now and the culture. Watch this video carefully though, the three hosts do not agree with any opinions that Banks expresses! Look at their body language and their responses. Ebro is an ass tho, Put it in the music he says?! Get the fuck out of here every body has the right to express their thoughts and feelings the way they choose too. I swear Iggy don’t write her own raps, what the fuck is she expressing??? Also check what Ebro says about the Exodus movie director not employing black actors to play the roles of people who was black in that story because of fears of not getting the budget. “Fuck you and the truth we are just trying to sell tickets” that is a nice sum up of what we are dealing with here. These people do not care about the core and creation of these elements we love and utilize, it’s all about control and power to these outsiders.


Hot 97 is looking real shaky to me for a long time. They had that moment where Kendrick Lamar did that verse where he told the whole hip hop industry to step up with their bars but also stating he is the king of NY. Papoose went at his neck hard for that and Rosenberg didn’t agree with what pap did. Pap brought up the fact that Hot 97 is a NY based radio and they do not support that NY sounding feel and motion that still exist and is there today. Lets be real NY is sounding very southern right now, but that is because of what the mainstream pushes out to the public. Come on tho these guys are not here to give you the real shit (when i say these guys im talking about the big organisations, who are they owned by? what do they represent? Stop looking at  the faces on the front and look into the collective), they are here to feed you the their agenda. Many people make noise and moan about these kind of things but truly what are you doing to preserve the culture? This site is here to highlight and promote good authentic hip hop music regardless if its popular or not.




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