Flowers 4 Firearms

UK rapper Big Dutty Deeze drops his latest album entitled ‘Flowers 4 Firearms and what a treat it is. The subjects and topics are current and thought-provoking. I’m wondering what songs he will use as his singles as nothing as yet has been released visual wise. The songs that stand out to me are ‘I Miss You’, ‘Caterpillar To Butterfly’ and  ‘Hurt & Pain’. It’s a nice way to start the year to hear something solid and to help your focus on real issues.

The only thing I have against this release is some of the production. I feel he should have got a selection of different beats made from a few producers to carry over some of the songs better and making them into classics. The beats are vital in painting that complete picture. All beats was produced by Dr. G.

‘Flowers 4 Firearms’ is a must for fans of Boombap, UK Hip-Hop or just good music on the whole. This excellent free gift the is the perfect jump off for what promises to be such a quality album release.

Get a copy via:


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