Solid As A Rock

Artist: Rell Rock
City/State: Camden, New Jersey
Rell Rock Social Links

Peace! What is your name and how did you get it?

Rell Rock, it’s a childhood rap name I had at age of 12, dropped my first album at 14. My nickname is Rell, or Relly, and I would ‘rock’ the mic…lol. Also the first female rapper Sha Rock used it in her name, so its 360, the foundation of hip hop and the future of hip hop 🙂

For those that have never heard of you how would you describe what you do?
I would consider myself an emcee of the people, bringing something new in the game of Hip Hop while honoring the tradition of the golden era and real lyricist, the brand the East Coast brought to the game in the beginning. 
What are you currently working on right now?
I am working on my 3rd official indie project/album American Hustle this spring, dropped 2 singles already , These Gyals produced by London producer Fro Back and my current single Be Quiet produced by TMB Mafia. Going to keep the momentum of different flavors of hip hop and drop 3 more singles before album.
What inspired the song ‘These Gyals’?
As soon as I heard the beat, the producer being Jamaican, it was only fitting. Plus I wanted to pay homage to the 90’s era emcees like Foxy Brown, and Lil Kim, how they used to rip those type of tracks…straight east coast, gritty, word-play, while respecting the culture of reggae, and its influence in hip hop, particularly east coast hip hop.

‘These Gyals’ was produced by FroBack Music, can we see you working with more UK artists?
Most def, I have already dropped a single with a producer from Estonia named Punk Trouble with remixes from bunch of dope producers like Tony Quattro, Jaycek, Kraymer, Paul Oja and Niklavz, released by European label Top Billin. I also have a single with the DJ group Stanton Warriors from the U.K so I always appreciate linking with people from around the world, I don’t plan on being a ‘east coast’ rappers, I am with that passport money, international.
In your eyes, what makes a complete rapper?
I am still growing, not there yet, but I have had years to develop my craft, the art of rhyming, flow, and I am a student of the greats, the foundation and the golden era of rappers/emcees, not just females, so I think that makes my music different, and makes me stand out, not just as a female, but a rapper in general. 
What is your greatest achievement so far?
Being able to say I am working on my 3rd independent project on my own label as a female. No cosign, no clique, no crew, and no male ‘stamp’ of approval. If we are going to teach these young girls to twerk, dress sexy and call it empowerment, lets also show real empowerment of being a entrepeneur or something else of substance.

How do you feel about people putting female emcees in a different bracket to male emcees?
It’s a male dominated industry as we all know, but we also haven’t had the opportunity to show years of different flavors and types of female emcees in a light like the male emcees. Here and there, spots of greatness, but no consistent variety. But I feel that is going to change, there is ALOT of female’s doing it big out here, with no deal, and its only a matter of time before we break those barriers down…its should just be two things in hip hop, good and bad music, not what sex you are….
You certainly are an attractive person, do you think that people will be looking at what you look like or paying attention to your artistry?
I take it as compliment, and I don’t take it for granted that it helps to be what the world calls ‘attractive’. But my brand has never been about that, and I think fans will get to see and hear that in my music and videos that my music is what I am trying to sell you, not my body. 

How do you feel about Hip Hop today?
Not to sound cliché’ , but I think we are on the verge of getting to a new ‘golden era’ of music, where the trash can’t stay long, and the real will rise to the top, and stay for a minute. And we are having more pay attention to the business and artist can control their own art, which keeps the music sounding pure again.

What can we expect next from you?
Lots more music, videos, and some secret collaborations and business partnerships in 2015! I just want to keep growing as an artist and building a solid fan base around the world. 

Any shout outs?
Shoutout to you Kernel Buckshot and The HipHop Channel fam….good looking out Cyclonious for passing my name around :). All the radio, dj’s, blogs that supported a young lady living her dreams, its been all love. My state of Jersey and Camden, hometown is my foundation and they hold me down with no jealousy, no drama. Much love to Philly, and Batcave Studio, my recording home, and my super engineer Don Groove. Everyone that rocks with me, much love!



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