Hip Hop vs RnB 16th of Jan 2015 Review

Ok, so me and a friend drove out to Camden, parked up and walked up to the Jazz Cafe to check out Hip Hop vs RnB! We was met by two long queues, one for tickets and the other for all other methods of entry mainly paying. We ended up waiting outside the club roughly an hour and a few mins till we go in, bear in mind it was below zero. A few times we was tempted to go home due to the coldness and the un-cooperative nature of the security with helping us with our guest list entry. Any way, after the rigmarole we get in side and the club is packed. The dj’s were playing 90’s HipHop and RnB the majority of their sets with a touch of current hits. The crowd certainly was in full swing with the dj’s choices on the night. For myself I really did like the night. ive longed to go out to a club and hear hip hop music with minimal trap. to hear songs that i feel is good music. Every one was in good spirits and there was no bad vibes. The party kept going on till the lights came on and it was time to leave and even then the people clearly didnt want it all to end. I am eager to attend the next few events by The Doctors Orders and have a good time!


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