The Machine – Lady Sanity


Lets be real here when many look into UK hip hop, the gaze is just on London city but when in reality the whole island has a lot to say. Lady Sanity hails from Birmingham city and in my eyes is representing lovely. I am loving this girls message and im loving her vibe. Lady Sanity comes across so humble but yet so direct. This song ‘The Machine’ is short and sweet but gets straight to the point when asking questions about todays societies and individuals. Now, me personally I don’t listen to much female rappers due to the majorities subject matter (so if you make it on this site then I sincerely rate your music and lyricism) or due to the fact that many don’t come across real, I know I don’t like that term much but its true. I have checked through a lot of Lady Sanity’s work and I think she has a lot of potential and deserves to be heard. Tell me what you think, Holla back!


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