Hip Hop vs Dancehall – 6th of Feb 2015 – Doctorsorders – Review


Ok, so me and a friend stepped out to check out what the Doctorsorders had to offer. That night was a very cold one I can tell ya! When crossing over the road the look of the queue and the harsh cold breeze didn’t sit well with me, but surprisingly the security was on their job this evening. People was being let in nice and quickly. The rave was held in the basement and the upstairs was where you could chill and get a drink and converse over low music. As soon as we got into the basement we instantly warmed up because it was packed. I like it when its packed to this capacity where it’s not over baring and you can still make it to the bar and back within ten minutes. The crowd was a good crowd, up for lots of fun and knew how to enjoy themselves. The prices for drinks was reasonable and you could see it as the bar was in constant use. The music was good playing old classics and the new hits! There wasnt any trouble at all on the night from the public to the sound system to the security. Over all it was a very good event and I am looking forward in being part of the next one! Keep it up guys!


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