Bobbi Kristina Brown

Dam, its like 2.30am as im writing this blog, and I don’t know what else to say but tragic! Ok we all know what happened to Whitney. That shit was like watching a movie and watching everything spiral into nothing. Still sad to think about her. She had it all, Pretty, Slim, Vocally magnificent and rich. I guess we all have demons to face tho. Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in a bath on February 11 2012 and died at the age of 48. Authorities found a dozen prescription drug bottles in her Beverly Hilton suite and concluded that she accidentally drowned, although heart disease and cocaine use were listed as contributing factors. Bobbi is still fighting to stay alive while Whitney was discovered too late. What is going on here people? Why is things so rocky within this family to be going through so much pain? Trust me there is a rotten apple working its way through the whole barrel trying to turn everything rotten here and it needs to be stopped. I’ve read so many things about this family, how Whitney was better of without Bobby, how he missed treated here etc and how Whitney introduced Bobby to hard drugs, the list goes on. To have the world at your feet as in two of the biggest musical artist of mine and many of our generations to let it all go like that in the fashion it has is alarming and needs to be addressed. My thoughts and prayers are with Bobbi and I hope she can hold on and reclaim her life. Clearly money doesnt bring inner peace, only a short burst of happiness. Whats this about Bobbi was on the run from not going court two days before too for failing to attend a court summons? It come like an episode from sunset beach!!!! Bonkers. Just to round what im saying up is that the magnifying glass is placed over them because their name is branded for life, any where you see them or their names means stars and lights. Their turmoil are vivid for all of us to see. there are so many living exactly the same way but die all alone with no coverage on their death. Many even try to connect them with the illuminati doing this and doing that to alter their lives and push the family to the brink. Me personally, I think it comes down to love and understanding, I know I know sounds corny right? but real talk we live what we see, and lil Bobbi is going through that right now. again my prayers are with her and the whole fam, I hope she makes it through and takes control.


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