Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry

New Shit! Its been a while since an artist can drop a song and every time the scene, or nowadays the internet lights up! This artist we are talking about is Kendrick Lamar. Now I keep it real every time when I put my thoughts out there, to me Kendrick was hot before his and Dr Dre’s connection but after that the music to me has been wishy-washy. I don’t have a copy of any of his material thus far, but this song that im addressing was sent to me by a follower of the channel and I really do like this song. I like the concept of the song, the fear and the ignorance towards the black race from his point of view. Having reggae artist called Assassin on the hook is an even more special treat for me as I love bashment music also. It all comes across as random to me but works so well. He addresses stereotypes and social matters that affect us daily and currently. The production is hard-hitting just like how Kendrick and assassin comes across. How are you feeling about this track? Let me know whats up?





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