Corban – A sacrifice or offering made to God

Twitter @CorbanREP

Peace! What is your name and its meaning. How did you get it?

My name is Corban which means ‘A sacrifice or offering made to God’, I chose this name to symbolise me desire to be an instrument that God can use to spread a message.
Describe your self in five words?
Passionate, loyal, real, dedicated and gifted.
What are you currently working on right now?
‘It Is Finished’, this will be my 5th and final album which will be available 2nd March.
What influences what you do?
Life experiences provides me with a need to express current/relevant situations, so id have to say that Life itself is my biggest influence.What do you enjoy the most about rapping?

Can I say two things? 1) seeing a current mood/energy/state of mind materialise itself into a rhyming scheme/pattern. 2) The creativity of rapping will always excite me, how simple words can come together to create something amazing.

What motivates you?
Life and Love. What would you say your greatest achievement is so far?

Musically? id have to say my greatest achievement has been to inspire! Many have told me that it was one of my albums or a song of mine etc that really inspired them to rap. Every artist whats to inspire the younger generation so for me this is a great achievement.Whats your thoughts on the current state of hip hop today?
All I’ll say is this, what we mostly hear promoted and pushed today is not Hip-Hop, it’s what I call ‘Hip-Pop’, Real Hip-hop is buried underground and has to be dug out! 

What would you say that you as a member of this hip hop society bring to the table?
Real Life Music… some will relate some wont but its real life music.What can we expect next from you?

I will be pushing my album, ‘It Is Finished’,  doing shows and videos all to support and promote it. Is there any thing else you would like to say or shout any one

As I said this will be my last album so I would like to thank everyone who has supported me at any point over the last 15 years. Huge shout out to REP Entertainment and an upcoming artist called SAINT who will be dropping his single this spring. And of course a big shout out to you guys at the HipHopChannel.

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