Supreme The Eloheem (Boot Camp Click) “The Corner”

Boot Camp Click Alumni SUPREME THE ELOHEEM prepares to release his 2nd independent solo project “Odes of a Street Disciple” on 6/16/2015. Supreme, a gritty no-nonsense MC with the prowess to weave words into witty sidewalk poetry which captures the essence of authentic Hip-Hop. On the 1st single “The Corner” Supreme reports tales of his come up on the streets of Brownsville Brooklyn, over an Endemic Emerald produced banger.

“Odes of a Street Disciple” is essentially based on the life of an individual who has been born and raised in Any Ghetto, USA. It reflects the various emotions, moods and situations that this particular individual has endured amidst the angst of poverty and all of its trappings. The streets, a harsh environment that ultimately indoctrinates the mind and mentality of this special breed and perpetuates their ideals, morality and dogma. Album features include Dro Pesci, Mic Handz, Innocent? Illa Noyz & Ruste Juxx, with production from Diar Lanksy, Diamond Legit, Ran Reed & Endemic Emerald.

Supreme has been putting it down musically since the mid 90’s under the banner of Hip Hop super-group the “Boot Camp Clik” which consists of notable veteran MC’s like Black Moon, Smif N Wessun, Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C.


Check him out here:


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