Soup – Chairman Maf

Peace Chairman Maf, lovely to have you back. What is the title of this new project and what inspired the naming?

Its called “SOUP”, I just tend to name albums with words or phrases that I like the sound of and that look good on the cover… plus it helps if they’re easy to remember

What inspires your creativity?

Having a slightly unhinged mind… my brain is a bit wonky.. making music can help

Which song of this new release is your favourite?

At the moment I like the track called “BOOZE”… its ended up sounding pretty close to the way I’d hoped it would… best listened to when you have the blues… and lots of booze…

I don’t know how you would feel about this but I personally think you are one of the uk’s top hip hop producers, how do you feel you fit into the hip hop scene?

I used to think I did but not so much anymore… People seem to want to hear a certain kind of sound which I’m not so into anymore but each to their own and all that.. I don’t hear loads of stuff that’s for me.. I’m just as likely to play some weird psychedelic Iranian music as I am uk hip hop but when I’m in the mood for it, its cool…

I also notice you don’t make trap beats (which I thoroughly respect you for!) what keeps you active in your own lane?

Good music is good music…. If I wake up tomorrow and decide I want to start making music for films or something then cool… but I won’t wake up tomorrow and decide to make “trap”…. Coz it’s shit!

What should people expect listening to your new release

It’s an extension of the last 2 albums with some of the fat trimmed off… I was on a bit of a downer when I made “PAINT” and unfortunately that affected some of the tunes I picked for it… ideally I’d like to do shorter and shorter tracks… a bid smack in the face then onto the next one….

Have you thought about making an album with vocals too? you have worked with so many artist, that would be epic!

Nah not for me…. 75% of rappers are a pain in the arse to be honest…. I like to get things done quickly and get it out…. If I’m dealing with rappers I can often wait for months just for a response to an email… Personally I love instrumental albums and I love the independence of working alone… If anything I’d be more interested in working with singers… like Cheryl Cole heh heh

What programmes do you use to get that polished sound your known to make?

I don’t use any software… just my MPC…. That’s the secret I guess.. less is more…

What would you say your greatest achievement is so far?

Musically “SOUP”.

What kind of artist do you like to work with?

People that don’t take a year to finish one tune…. People that have been brought up with basic manners and say please and thank you… basically NICE PEOPLE!! Nice is good, nice is cool.. and it’s not hard is it…

What can we expect next from you?

I’m done for now…. I’m going to learn to speak Swahili and start to train as a dog whisperer…. Definitely taking a long if not permanent break from music… never say never but I’m not in a rush to get back on it..

Is there any thing else you would like to say or shout any one out?

Avoid religion at all costs, be nice to everyone, don’t believe anything you read in the newspapers, stop wearing skinny jeans, buy my new album I’m broke.

Thank you

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