Movement Music EP – Black Stax – Review

Ok, so im playing this cd and my first inital reaction is good! the intro is straight to the point which I presume was on an answering machine.

Exit us has a haunting guitar rift mixed with vocals of the ancients provided by Felicia Loud. Jace ECAj and Cyclonious provide the perfect verses for the concept, repatriation.

Tears feels very warm to me. The overall message is to uplift ones self and be focused in these times of pain and confusion. This track will surely help to hold back those tears.

Driftin gives me a summer time feel. Not saying that’s what the song is about but i can see sunshine in my mind’s eye while listening to this song. Definitely a feel good factor joint here.

Leanin on the edge of life, searching for fulfillment. A nice song about contemplating the balance of things.

99 Tie your boots up and roll with this one. This one got me ampt. ‘ Whats your loyalty to royalty….’ The genocide continues and this is the theme music to the motion picture.

Overall I love the interaction between these two artist who make up Black Stax. A great EP. Cant wait to hear more……. Movement Music!


Get your copy of’ Movement Music’-



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