Suicide Squad Official Trailer 1 Breakdown

Ok, so me personally. Im all up for this movie. Im a major comic book fan. been collecting them from a child and have not lost the intrest.

I thought i’d give my pros and cons about what I seen so far.

Lets start with the cons.

Con1 – Croc is suppoesd to be much bigger than what he is in this movie. I know I know, its just a movie and we can see past that I hear you say but its just an observation.

Con2 – Where is Harley Quinns manic accent? Now im not looking for them to be the same but it adds to her craziness.

Con3 – Will Smith. In my eyes is not a great actor as such so he could hinder this films great potential (Male Diva). Fingers crossed he pulls through.

Ok now for the pro’s

Pro1 – The Joker. I think he looks great and the little that we have seen in the trailers looks the part. To be honest he is the main reason I thought to make this breakdown. I was watching the trailer and afterwards read the comments and Mushishi Ginko  said ‘What a disgrace to Joker’s character. this is really the worst joker i’ve ever seen.’ im ‘like dude, are you nuts?’. The film hasn’t even come out yet also there has been a joker with tatts and that kind of look before so it is true to form, any way.

Pro2 – Batman, yes he will be in the film. DC is building up their platform nicely. Making a perfectly hazadous DC universe for us all to enjoy. Batman v Superman is just around the corner to set it all off and Ben Affleck looks amazing. I wasn’t a fan to begin with (Batfleck)  but i’d go on a limb and say looks wise he may bring us the best batman yet! I hope he pulls it off!


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