Ok so i was hit up in my email from a guy called Charlie Mac. Some of you reading this may already know who he is. For thos that dont let me introduce you. He is a producer out of the UK and has recently done a project with ramson badbonez and high focus (oscar the slouch), and has some joints with abnoxshuz entertainment, mystro, twizzy and many more.


Ok so lets get straight into it. So far I like this instrumental cd. I am on song like 5-6 as im writing this and I havent skipped a beat. His style is very atmospheric and has detail in his production. So far the cd is very boom bap and I certainly can dig it! So far it very chilled out and has a summer type vibe to it which is cool! He uses alot of different samples which gives it a universal feeling which is great and keeps you listening and antiscipating what is next. its nice to hear scratching etc in music from producers too which you do hear on this album. its just the icing on the cake for myself and a nice touch from Charlie. As the cd moves along in its progression it starts to get a bit darker which I like. Its very much like a musical story unfolding. as I said summer before, its like its moving from autumn to winter. Dope! I am glad he sent me a mesage in my inbox because I feel he is some one we need to be paying attention too.

Check out the mans work!

Contact the man!



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