Red Pillar – Scorpion King


Now for me this is the best album to surface in 2016. The year is also coming to an end and what a way to start the new year again!!!!!!! I know Red Pillar from talking on his self owned radio called Know The Ledge Radio, from talking on the Blacknews102 youtube channel and various other channels about real situations, sciences, history and metaphysics. From start to end the energy is high and the beats are pulsing! I cannot actually say I don’t like any song on this compilation. It is filled with knowledge and information. Now those that know me know I do not like trap music at all, this album is filled with trap beats but the information and poetry is a high standard with makes me enjoy and totally tolerate this movement. My favourite song on this cd is ‘I Know The Ledge’ the production is tight and the lyrics get a thumbs up. There is a shift in the paradigm of music. knowledge is back in hip hop. This is god hop. Support this movement!!!!!!!!!!


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