The Black Opera – African American

Love this cd. My car is my office and that’s where I do most of my music listening. this cd along with a few others is on constant repeat. Beats are dope and concepts just alike. The way I came across this cd was by pure accident. I was scrolling through looking to see what i can download and bump in the whip and I came across the album cover of the African-American which is the main picture. instantly I wanted to hear the music. what a treat it was. I like the mind-set behind this album, through the music and atmosphere that they all put together they really do get their point across. My favourite on this album are ‘Who Will Save Us’, ‘Black Frankenstein’ ‘Black Woman Is God’ and ‘Positive Vibes Only’.

Heres a paragraph taken from their bandcamp to give you further insight into their movment.

‘In 2016, many Black Americans are unaware of what country their lineage dates back to or any traditions of their ancestors. Many Black Americans question the origin of their last name. Add this to the fact that many Black Americans don’t feel safe walking or driving the streets of America and you get a people that feel disconnected from their roots, and don’t feel at home in their own country in these current times. This echoing sentiment within the Black community is what influenced the music and art collective The Black Opera to create works that reflect these current times with “African America”.

At its core, “African America” is the story of a people that feel lost, a people that don’t feel welcome in their place of birth. This is where Black Americans currently exist, a place where the laws and law enforcement don’t seem to serve or protect them. “African America” can be viewed as an actual plea to build a new home, or just to relocate mentally.

“African America” is the promised land of freedom’.



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