T.I Us Or Else: Letter To The System

I have always been a supporter of T.I. I Always think he does something dope when he releases a new slice of music. I wouldn’t suggest his music to people like I would with many other rappers because I felt that he wasnt a pillar within the spectrum of hip hop. with this new ep and album release he may have built something that is worthy of being a pillar. I know im covering this album a bit later than its release date but i feel it needs more light shined upon it and a buckshot magnified glass over it to analyse the compilations message. Theres not one song that doesn’t comply with the title of the album and i really like that. Three songs stand out to me on this cd, they are no.8 “We Will Not” no.9 “Pain” and no.12 “40 Acres”. “We will not” is a nice highlight on the atrocities that have been plaguing black communities with cops, media, government and drugs. “Pain” is just weakness that leaves the body. “40 Acres”  i don’t gie a dam what the preacher told y’all jesus and Mohammed aint coming….. i was surprised with this song as of why T.I would let his features go all out with their points of view. I kind of looked at T.I as a person who was only about his money and speaking out about the systems flaws and corrupt ways could have big back lashes. I wonder where he will take his music after this. will this be a new mindset and keep up with talking about black issues and his mindset on American society. BIG UP T>I>P


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