Birth Of A Nation.

Ok so I couldn’t sleep last night and decided to watch ‘Birth Of A Nation’. Now i know many would say, ‘Just go to bed’, I just don’t feel tired until im about to fall asleep. weird I know. Before you say i never supported the movie and watched it online i have bought several tickets to take my family this weekend. i watched it so i can review it now. Any way im not one for slave movies. I see movies and films a form of programing and installing images or thoughts in the mind to manifest. I like to watch things that inspire and motivate, but any way let me critique this film. It was a very touching movie to me, instantly I found myself drawn to nat in this movie as a little boy. He saw and went through so much as you would as a young black person in those times in the 1800’s. Nate Parker is the director and stars as Nat turner as an adult. I feel he did exceptionally directing wise and did a great job with acting the main role. Rumour has it that to make this movie he couldnt show the murder and death of white women and children. When you research Nat Turner you know that he didn’t spare any one. To be fair the film is just shy of two hours so there is only so much you can show visually. through the history of the past we know that what we have seen through most of these slave movies is that blacks went through much worse and serve situations and housing. what this movie did well was bringing forward a man who was given the chance to read the bible in a time when whites took away the right for blacks to study and receive an education. He soaked up the bibles words making them propel himself and his peers to revolt and make a change. I believed his interpretation of nat turner and the pain he conveyed. Overall this is a good movie to mark as the last slave movie that i watch. it showed self-pride and revolution. what also was interesting was that it showed the ununified people as it was a black child who told on nat turner which lead to the main big fight which is nothing new most black revolutionary situations have been brought down by the inside. Go and watch the movie and see something new and invigorating.


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